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“Lauren made time to speak to everybody and we know how inspiring our staff found her story. Thanks so much for helping to make the evening a success.” – Worcestershire NHS Trust


Lauren is a passionate speaker and her incredible story has inspired and educated the young and old.

Past appearances have included delivering motivational speeches for blue chip companies, local business and schools. Lauren has also been invited to be a key note speaker, focusing on sporting excellence, how to overcome adversity and her other passion, the art of travel.


Lauren’s speeches perfectly deliver both motivational and entertainment elements that have been enjoyed by both young sales executives and CEO’s.

Her speeches focus on her sporting experiences and can be tailored to focused on specific objectives including,  ambition, inspiration, teamwork, motivation, dedication, preparation and what it takes to be a success, be it in sport or business.

After Dinner

Lauren is able to deliver bespoke talks that would be enjoyed by a specific audience, or fit in with the theme of the event.

Usually these talks are more light hearted and focus on topics, experiences and personalities that would be familiar and enjoyed by your guests.